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Alternative Pricing Option

A little backstory...

In the development of The Mother Hen Friend, I knew the purpose was driven in an essence of “to give” rather than “to receive”. Along the journey of training as a doula and the beginnings of birth photography, the concept of “charging your worth” was everywhere… until I stumbled upon an Australian-based birth photog, doula, and all-around badass Lacey Barratt’s podcast… A specific episode titled “Charge Your Worth is Bullshit” and it hit me.. I truly and wholeheartedly believe every single birthing person deserves access to quality labor, birth, and postpartum support (and photographs to document!) regardless of economic status and financial capabilities. 

The Mother Hen Friend is proud to offer personalized pricing alternatives based on the services you desire and your budget. It is a goal of The Mother Hen Friend to provide quality labor, birth, and postpartum support to those who desire, regardless of financial abilities. The benefits of the support, love, and knowledge offered by The Mother Hen Friend is too beneficial to the community to be missed out on due to cost. The Mother Hen Friend is committed to working with you to provide the support you desire at a cost that fits your needs. 


If you are interested in my companionship on your journey and would like a price alternative, please contact Meagan Tanner, The Mother Hen Friend, directly at with subject line Pricing Alternative and in the body a detailed description of the services you seek and the price point that works for your family. 


**TLDR: The Mother Hen Friend wants to give you awesome support at a price point that works for your family. Yay for you! Yay for everyone!**

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