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Birth Support Should Not Be Elitist: Equitable and Accessible Care for All

Having someone who knows what they're doing by your side during childbirth can make a world of difference. But here's the problem: birth support is looked at as a trendy or a luxury. It's time to get real and demand accessible and equitable support for every growing family!

Doulas offer emotional, physical, and informational support throughout pregnancy, labor, and those crucial postpartum days. And guess what? Studies prove that having a doula leads to better birth outcomes, fewer medical interventions, shorter labors, and happier moms. So whyyyy are we letting money stand in the way of something that clearly benefits everyone involved?

These days, the costs associated with doula services are skyrocketing. It's like it's become a luxury add-on, reserved for those with deep pockets because even the fanciest of insurances DON'T cover doulas! But what about those who can't afford it? What about the marginalized communities who already face enough obstacles?

When birth support becomes an elitist thing, it only widens the gap between those who have resources and those who don't. It perpetuates the unfairness and injustice that are already way too prevalent in our healthcare system. It's time to put an end to this nonsense and fight for equal and affordable care for all.

Our governments and healthcare organizations need to step up and create programs that subsidize doula services for those who can't afford them. We need to make sure that income or demographics don't determine who gets the birth support they need. Insurance providers should also be required to cover doula services, recognizing the long-term benefits in terms of improved outcomes and lower medical costs.

Let's not forget about increasing the number of doulas out there. We need BETTER training programs and group affiliations, especially in underserved areas. These groups/organizations prioritize PROFIT above all else, and to be approved (active memberships) and/or certified by them the caveat can cost up to thousands of $$$$$ ... (I have a rant for this one coming up!) Doulas must go above and beyond to ensure they are able to provide support that is culturally competent and understanding of everyone's unique needs.

We also need to educate the public about birth support. Let's debunk the myths and misconceptions surrounding it, and bring attention to its incredible benefits. Because seriously, why should anyone have to miss out on something that can make such a positive impact on their birthing experience? (This includes partners actively engaging in the birth process!)

Birth support shouldn't be a luxury for the wealthy and/or crunchy hippies. It's an essential part of quality healthcare that every family deserves, if they want it.

Birth support is a right, not a privilege!

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